Waste and dangerous goods transport

11 suction-trucks and road-tankers are available for waste and hazardous material transport for industry and shipping. Deployment is tailored to customer needs for each operation, thus guaranteeing optimal performance. The vehicles are equipped with ejection pistons, multi-chamber systems and high-pressure cleaner. According to requirements, road-tankers with stainless-steel trailers (V4A containers), isolation and vacuum systems can be used for European-wide transportation.

  •  Local and long-distance transport
  •  Waste haulage
  •  Dangerous goods transport
  •  High-performance suction system for extreme depths
  •  Thermotransport


We are a certified disposal company for industry and shipping. Our contribution to a clean environment is expert analysis and disposal or recycling of residues and waste. We offer an All-round carefree package.
You do your job. We’ll take care of the rest.

  • Analysis
  • Transportation
  • Disposal
  • Recycling